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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wind down

The exhibition runs until Saturday afternoon at which time Cheryl and I take it down.

It has been a success. Sure, we haven't sold as many paintings as we would have liked, but apparently Easter holiday is NOT the best time to have done this.  Who knew? Not us, that's for sure. BUT it has still been good, and Cheryl and I (and the gallery) are pleased.

Cheryl Walker and I having a laugh on opening night. :)
(To my huge surprise neither of Cheryl's beautiful leopards have sold! Can you believe it?)

I will start posting some pics of the pieces and make some comments about them over the next few days.

1 comment:

Carl said...

Cheryl, by the way, recently retired to pursue her career in painting full time. I have no doubt that she will succeed spectacularly ... even though she is having to make time to babysit her grandchildren. ;)
She is a seriously talented wildlife painter, and I am looking forward to doing another joint project some time in the future.