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Thursday, December 1, 2011


So, as you have gathered, I have not been painting much.
2011 sort of sucked the creative soul out of me somehow.
After my solo exhibition a year ago, my paintings sold, and I was trying to figure out what I needed to paint to sell more.  That led me to paint more of what I thought people wanted me to paint instead of what I wanted to paint. People told me what to paint and I listened.
Did it work?  Did I sell more?  No.  In fact the opposite happened.
.... and I think I know why.
No soul.
I am battling to paint because I am not enjoying the subject matter. Even worse, I have been blocking the very thing that has driven me to paint up till now.  I have been trying to paint without my muse; trying to deal with that beautiful, dark,  hole that has become such an integral part of me in other ways. Ineffective ways.

Well, I know this will be a disappointment to some, but from now on I am painting whatever I damn well feel like painting.  If you don't like the subject matter, the titles or what they imply then go somewhere else (Or don't. It's your time. Waste it however you please). I don't do "pretty", and I'm tired of safe.

2012 may not be the most prolific year for me art wise.  I will be focusing on quality.  This coming year will not be about selling paintings, it will be about producing ART.

I hereby tender my resignation as Art Whore.