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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A State of Calm

Thoughts ... You are not just an observer, you are a participator; a contributor, an instigator and an intrinsic part of every piece of art.


Carl said...

I've been thinking a lot about the roles that people that buy art, or even just look at it, play in the art world, in the artists world and in the creation of art. I find myself being influenced and what I produce being impacted upon by so many different things. Art serves so many varied functions, both for the artists and the viewers (and even the subjects). It's such an interesting and dynamic relationship.

Anonymous said...

Been thinking about the same thing. My buying audience dictates the content of my work. I paint what sells.

Carl said...

For me it is not the buyer; which is VERY likely why I don't sell a lot! :)
I paint for the viewer, for the fly on the wall, and of course for myself.
maybe I should be taking a more commercial approach, but I fear I would get bored.
Having said that, at the moment I'm not painting at all. It's too cold, too lonely and I'm hiding in books. :)