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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Sleep brings no rest, no respite.
Simply adrift on a darker wave, a deeper ocean.
At least you sometimes join me there.

This is still in progress, but is not turning out at all how I intended it to.
It started off a lot darker, both tonally and psychologically, but the memories of a certain beautiful day kept forcing their way onto the canvas, and it has turned out light and undemanding.
I'm not convinced that it's better this way, but ...


Carl said...

There's a painting here I think. I might be able to care about it. Sit tight! ...

Carl said...

Well, I suppose it's at least in line with the commitment I made to you to try and paint lighter, 'happier' images. I find it harder to do because painting is invariably a means of venting for me, and so usually I 'need' to paint something reflecting the things I need to get out, my feelings then and there.