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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Burn Baby Burn

A few days ago, in a fit of artistic despair I posted a comment on FaceBook. "I wonder; do other artists ever look at all their work and suddenly realise it ALL sucks? Right now I feel like burning the lot of them." 
I got several strong reactions to my post, which was interesting, and despite some of the repremands I got it wasn't a case of me feeling self pity, but it was born out of a sudden and horrible realisation that the quality of my work is not what I wish it to be. 
I completed a painting, looked at it, realised that it wasn't as good as I had felt it was while I was working on it.  I then looked at all the paintings in my studio, was horrified to find that I didn't like them either, and within 5 minutes had decided that everything I have ever done is just not good enough!
Not good enough for what you ask?
For me.
Somewhere along the line my standards have changed, or some measure has shifted.
In that moment I literally could have put torch to it all.
How could I possibly be brazen enough to send work that doesn't meet my standards out into the world.

That horrible moment passed after some time of self analysis and some encouragement from my FB friends and others, but a very real shadow of it remains.  It has caused a pause in my work.  I can't paint!
I hope it goes soon.
Oh; and I didn't burn any paintings, but I did paint primer over several.

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