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Friday, March 4, 2011

Huh! Who'd have thunk? ... Probably EVERYONE!

It's just never occurred to me I guess, which is really dumb, and I'm sure everyone else knows it and it's obvious to them. There I was, driving home, thinking to myself how hot I was feeling and that a haircut would help cool me down. My mind played with the idea of cutting my hair, and then on to cutting my kids hair and I found myself looking forward to it. Why? Why was I looking forward to it? Obviously I must enjoy cutting hair! Now why on earth do I enjoy cutting hair? Duh! It's sculpture. I'm quite good at it too, if I say so myself.  Haircutting is a form of sculpture and hairdressing is art! It had never occurred to me before! Crazy!
I long ago recognised that I enjoy cooking because it is a form of consumable art, but I had never extended it to hair!
Dumb thing to blog about, I know ... but hey ... at least I found it interesting. :)

Which leaves me with this question, now that I have realised that my head is art material, what do I do with it? I have had almost every type of hairstyle you can imagine in my youth, from bald to mohawk, Kenny G to Psycho Reptiles ... but what to do now?
  • Shave it no. 2? (Cool, cool and practical)
  • Keep it corporate? (Short back and sides)
  • Longish and lanky Tim Wheeler (of Ash) style? (Probably wouldn't suit me)
  • Let it get wild and wooly? (Nah ... not practical)
  • Grow it out again and go for that middle aged surfer look? (That will take a while to achieve!)
  • Try something modern? (Hmmm, teenage cuts at my age you look like you are trying too hard.)
Damn! Like I don't have enough question marks in my life already!

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