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Friday, October 8, 2010

Radio Silence

So I guess I have been unusually quiet on the painting front for the last while.
If you're wondering why, it's not because I am hiding, or that my broadband is down, or that I am keeping quiet about the secret projects I am not working on, or that I've been scared off by the FBIC (private joke). Truth is I have been working my proverbial butt off on LOTS of things, and they have not all been art related.
But ... you are right. I have been neglecting my blog, and that's not okay.
So, I hereby solemnly declare that I will communicate more frequently, about meaningful things (it's my blog, so that means meaningful to me) and hopefully it will gratify those people who care enough about what I do and think to keep coming back.
Thanks for watching watchers.

Stand by ...

1 comment:

Carl said...

Hold thumbs. The painting I completed on Sunday should be sold. Got the verbal news. Just waiting for the money to come through. Its not a sale till the money is in the bank. :)