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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Forbidden Planet

Forbidden. A word that I struggle with maybe?
Well I promised to explain a little about why this store, "Forbidden Planet", is my favourite store in London.
EVERY time I am in London, I make a point of visiting it, at the very least once.
Go check it out ... Link
Being able to go there fulfills a childhood fantasy a little. Every time.
The reasons for my loving the store are probably fairly obvious. It's really about the art.
As a child, I used books and comics as a means of escape. I would hide in a room / closet / forest / fort / abandoned building / garage / rooftop and read read read. I guess I have never grown out of either and still have a sincere and deep love of both books and graphic novels. Over the years my appreciation for the art within the comics lead to the urge to create it and in truth, that is where my art dabblings really began.
A handful of geeky friends I made over the years shared that passion, and in fact, at the age of 16 a couple of us even produced and self published a quite successful underground fantasy comic, called Cozmic, which was quite successful. We dreamed of being able to access work like the art available in this store, relying instead on what we could beg, steal and borrow in the very conservative and limited "old South Africa".

The influences of comic art, particularly from comic artists and cartoonists such as Vaughn Bode, Jim Murray, Sean Philips, Simon Bisley and many others (especially those from 2000AD and Heavy Metal) never really left me and, now that you know that you may notice even today, the rather stylized and graphic nature of a lot of my work (cartoon zebras?).  I guess I've never really stopped trying to escape either.

Anyway ... can you see the influence?


Laura Wilde said...

I love the design and colors. And the little hint of sienna.

Carl said...

Thanks Laura.
This one was actually bought by an American collector. He was my first client from the States.