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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not nice.

I came to the realisation a loooong time ago that I am, in actual fact, not a very nice person. (Yes, I know that's not news to some reading this). I am impatient, selfish, and a really don't like most people much at all.  I also don't like my privacy being invaded. I am impatient with ignorance, can't abide stupidity, and when that is combined in a loud and opinionated person I am hard pressed not to display my hostility openly. Corner me when I'm trying to escape in my work and invite yourself to offer opinion and inane commentary and it's actually a miracle you leave intact.
"Are you going to paint NOW?" - Yes.
"I dont like the face on this one". - Oh. Perhaps you will when I've started working on it.
"Is she supposed to be looking at the butterfly, she doesnt look like shes looking at it" - Well that might be because I haven't painted her eyes yet.
"Is that something shes wearing?" - No.
"The eyes dont look nice" - Well, as I said, I haven't painted them yet.
"I don't like the colour" - You are like someone wandering onto someone elses building site and then complaining to the owner that you don't like the colour of the walls while they are still busy plastering.
"well ... I still don't like it" - Good thing I'm not painting it for you then.
I read somewhere that "lack of privacy neutralizes their individualistic spirit". Apparently that's true for me.

It also makes me a very nasty person. The "visit" ended badly.

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TS said...

You're not as bad as you make out.
Where have you been? Why are you so quite and why aren't you showing us what you are painting? What's goin on?

Carl said...

Looong story TS. Lets just say it hasn't been an easy couple months. As for the art ... well I kinda made a commitment not to post too much of the work I'm doing for my exhibition ... that, and I have 6 WIPs that I am working on simultaneously.
Thanks for commenting ... I haven't had much participation for a while.