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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In My Humble Opinion

I have been asked, along with another local artist to be one of the judges at a local school exhibition on 19th September (St Marys) by a friend who is an Art teacher there.
Me? A judge?
How amusing!

I have been worried over the last month about my complete lack of productivity as far as art production goes. Truth be told my heart has just not been in it. I think I have just been stretching myself too thin in too many areas, physically, mentally and emotionally. This week has seen a sudden burst forward again (I think out of desperation ... just trying to find some way of staying sane), I hope I can sustain it. I'm working on 5 paintings at the moment ... all of them for the exhibition.
I haven't sold any work for a couple months ... it doesn't feel good.

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