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Friday, July 2, 2010

Book of Days

Well, it's been a hell of a week ... one of the most stressful in a long time. So many things have been going on on so many fronts, and not in a happy way.
My art has suffered too, ... from a productivity perspective.
I have now finished all the charcoals I wanted to, have sent them off to their respective destinations and now just await confirmation of their arrivals which, knowing the postal service, will be in the distant future.
I may elect to do a few more charcoals for other people that have asked, but I need to get to work on the exhibition with total focus for a while.  I have started a few paintings, which I am happy with so far, but I need to throw myself into it. It's difficult when the day is sapping and the nights draining. I have been challenged a few times about painting things that will sell vs painting what I feel like painting. I have a few opinions on this topic (no suprise :), but I am thinking about it all quite a lot.  I wonder what you think, dear readers. Maybe I'll blog about it.
Thank goodness we shifted the exhibition date! In September I will be going to Mozambique, then Swaziland and then London for a week, so squeezing my exhibition into that would have been, well ... a disaster, I'm sure.

I've decided to enter some online art competitions ... just for kicks.

I am sinking in this
I watched this (it reminded me of this!) I wouldn't call either fun to watch, but it was quite good.


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Why r u sinking in silence? Who is giving u the silent treatment?