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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Solo Exhibition Alert!

So ... after much arm twisting (my arm being twisted), weeping (of mine), gnashing of teeth (others) and gentle persuasion (my persuasion being gentled), this weekend, Mercia (of Essensual Art fame) and a few others (of their own fames) finally convinced me and I have agreed to go ahead with a solo exhibition in September.

More about it all later, but the working title that I have decided on for the exhibition is "Songs on the Eve of Destruction".

Let me know what you think of the title with the poll on the right if you feel like it. (Not that it will make any difference ... I won't change it if no-one likes it, but maybe you will feel like you were consulted). :)

Exhibition content clue.
Oh ... and please watch this movie ... it's delightful!!, especially for a blogger. :)

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