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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vacant Stare

"Vacant stare" is one of your title choices from "Play a game with me".  I realise that the result is rather nightmarish. Possibly you would understand why if you read the piece of writing that it was inspired by which isn't writing for the faint hearted, it's just plain nasty, which is partly why I am not sure whether to post it or not.  The poem is called "Thank you", and it's about child abuse.
Any way ... this is the completed painting.

 "Vacant Stare", 20cm x 20cm, Oil on Canvas
  • is Listening to this off this album.
  • Watched this. It's based on the comic series, and is really in your face but fantastic.
  • is Working on 6 other paintings ... all of which are not coming easy, but will post ASAP.


Anonymous said...

any form of abuse is usually shunned away from. If a painting, words from a poem, or any other form of work done on the topic may be helpful to those who have experienced abuse then I say put it out there. More importantly if the abused is able to express their feelings that way, how therapeutic it will be for them. Regardless of what others may think you in the past have expressed... if the viewers of your site don't enjoy the view then move on

Carl said...

You present a good argument, and you are right ... but ...

I'll consider it, okay?

Carl said...

Was that enough time to read it? :)

Anonymous said...

:)and thanks for sharing