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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This Kiss

One of 6 going up to Mercia's Petite exhibition in June.
This Kiss, Oil on Canvas, 20cm x 20cm x 4cm

"Where do two souls touch?" he pryed;
"The skin, fingers entwined?
Or here?", gestures to eyes.
"Here", she smiles.
"This kiss" she says, "This kiss of mine".

"How do you know me?" she cries;

Carl is:
  • heading to bed ... where are the dreamless sleep inducing drugs?


Anonymous said...

"How do you know me?" she cries;
"The skin, fingers entwined?
Or here?" gestures to eyes,
"Here", he smiles
"This kiss"" he says,
"This kiss of mine".

Mercia Deale said...

Great Carl! Painting is awesome, so is the poem! I will not try to add to it - I cannot paint with words.

Carl said...

Mercia has asked if she can place this poem next to the painting at the exhibition.
Of course Mercia!
I shall also write it on the back of the painting for the prospective owner. :)

Anonymous said...