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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Idle hands ...

I have a proposal for you ... and it might mean you score some
free art!

I don't sleep much these days. I have a lot of time to read, paint, and do whatever. Problem is I also have a lot of time to think (read "stress"), and also come up with new ways to keep myself busy, distracted and stretch myself. Usually it is some hairbrained, life threatening activity, but on Tuesday night I decided I want to learn how to use charcoal as a medium. (I've never tried using charcoal before.) I got a stick of charcoal, did a rough 5 minute sketch just to see how the medium feels, liked the feel and decided I want to add charcoal to my arsenal.
Basic charcoal tools.

So this is where you come in....

I want you to help me learn. Yes you heard me. You! How? Give me subject material to work with!

What I want you to do:
  • Send me photos, (yourself, your child, partner, mom, dad, ... whomever, or whatever body you would like a sketch of).
  • I will select three out of all the photo submissions that I like and do a charcoal sketch of them, and in return for your participation I will give the piece to the elected when I am finished.

These are my terms:
  • You send me photos worthy of sketching;
  • I get to choose the photos I will draw, no negotiating, no explanation;
  • I will take as long as I like to do them;
  • Sending me the photo gives me the right to a) draw it and b) post a photo of the drawing on the internet and use it where/however I deem fit;
  • You understand this is a medium I have never, and I mean never, worked with and so the results are likely to be at best flawed and amaturish, and at worst, pathetic - I promise you it won't be ba brilliant work of art; which is why I'm doing this ... I need the practice and using your pics pressures me to give it a solid go. So ... this is a little like tightrope walking without the net. ;)
  • Although the drawing will be free, if you want me to post it to you, I'm afraid you will have to pay for the postage yourself ... I am a starving artist after all.
... So?  What so you say? Sound fair?

Send your photo/s to carl.verster@gmail.com (or upload to http://www.senduit.com/ and post the download link in a comment to this post).

Carl is:
  • Singing this
  • Reading this 
  • Not sleeping. (Why sleep when I can lie awake and worry about this)


GB said...

Nice idea. Look forward to seeing the results.

Anonymous said...

when's the cut off to send in pics?

Carl said...

Oooo ... I hadn't thought about a cut off ... I haven't actually started drawing yet so there is a bit of time.