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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Art for the sake of ... well ... I'm not sure.

Inspired by a song I spent a large portion of last night painting a picture that I can probably never let anyone see.  That's a very weird thought isn't it?
In the early hours of the morning I came out of the creative coma I was in, only half concious of what I was painting, to find I'd done a painting very different to anything I gave done before, and good ... really good, but so potentially controversial that I cannot show it to anyone. I guess this fits the definition of "art for art's sake" down to the ground, but something in me just doesn't buy that. It's tempting to think that it's a waste of time if no-one can see it, but I don't feel that.
Just when I think I've got the reasons why I paint figured out, I prove myself to not actually have more than a clue.

  • watched this (wow!)
  • listening to this.
  • pretty damn tired at the moment .... but have started 3 new charcoals, just to keep the momentum.


Anonymous said...

request: in your own words define "art for art's sake" sounds like you were completely zoned out, captured by the moment. controversal or not sounds like a keeper even if it means not sharing it with the world :)

Carl said...

Is that a challenge? :)
Okay ... art for art's sake:
Creating art without purpose or motive, purely to create art. i.e. not to sell ... not to moralise ... not to impress, just purely for "itself".
In this instance I say it fits the definition because if it is never going to be viewed by anyone, then what purpose could it possibly serve? Obviously, I am discounting any selfish purpose it may have served, whatever it fulfilled in me ... but there we are, one can't have all things. ;)
I'm tempted to just put it out there ... just to see what happens. >)

Carl said...

... and nice comment! Thank you! :)

Laura Wilde said...

I say put it out there. You never know what will come of it. Could be the next step for you. Someone once told me not to judge just create. Maybe naive but I find the paintings I think no one would connect with do connect. It's worth a try :)

Carl said...

Laura ... thanks.
You are of course correct (when an artist of your calibre takes the time to comment I sit up and take notice). I will put it out there but not post it. I have decided to send it off to a gallery far far away.
Thank you for visiting. I admire your work very much.