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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Queen of the Night

This is the completed UK commission (excluding signature) that I have been working of for some time. 

The client was quite specific as to the elements that he wanted in this unique extended family portrait, but at the same time he gave me plenty of leeway in how it was represented, laid out , style etc. I took the liberty of doing it like an English School period 18th century piece, and as you can see, it is  somewhat romanticised. Technology is REALLY letting me down. First no Internet and now my camera seems to have finally called it quits. Here are some really crappy photo's for you to get a sense of how it looks. (The photo's really are terrible blurry as all hell, but the best of the lot, and at least you can have a look at my painting zone too. ;) ... I will try and take a better shot again later and replace these).

"Queen of the Night"
150cm x 75cm x 4cm
Oil on Canvas


Lara Mellon's blog - Finding Things ... said...

Fabulous Carl. I really like this alot!!! well done ... and great to see your work ... and your work space. love sent, Lara xxx

Carl said...

Thank you Lara ... I always appreciate your feedback! I hope the client is as happy with it! :)

Anonymous said...

deffinately a classic... i like :)

Carl said...

Thank you kind Anon *bowing deeply and with as much humility as I can muster after having flagging ego boosted*.