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Friday, March 12, 2010

Writer's block

So the poll is over ... the results clearly indicating that I leave the format of this blog the same, and that any serious writing I want to post I should post elsewhere.

to only post artwork
  0 (0%)
to post art and carl's babblings
  6 (60%)
to post art, babblings and carl's more serious writing too.
  4 (40%)

I fully respect that and am pleased with the result.
Your wish is my command, *bowing* and as such I have created another seperate blog for writing (off my profile on this blog).
I have yet to decide whether to leave it public or not.

Carl's theme tune for the week.


Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination or are you painting less at the moment? :)

Come on!!! My gallery is getting empty!

Carl said...

Well ... yes, I'm posting less, :) but no, I'm still painting ... I just have 4 works in progress at the moment, one of which it particularly complex. I will post soon, and have a few ready for delivery. :).
Also ... 14 works have just been packaged, ready to head up to Tanzania. :)