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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sources of Inspiration

"Bella 1, 2 & 3" Oil on Canvase Each 20cm x 20cm x 4cm, Oil on Canvas
From time to time I am asked questions such as "what insipred you to paint that?" or "where did you get that idea from"? They are good questions, and oddly enough I don't always know the answer.  Often I know exactly what prompted me to paint something or write something, but from time to time it just happens ... it whells up like water seeping from the ground, impossible to identify the root source. Those instances are I guess the reult of a number of triggers, all coming together at once.
So, what are these triggers?  What prompts my little creative outbursts?
Here's me opening up ... Pretty much every painting I produce stems from an inability to express intense emotion; either not being permitted to, being denied the opportunity to or literally being unable to contain it and erupting so as not to be overwhelmed by it. All it takes is one small trigger to release it.
It's much easier to tell you what inspires in terms of those triggers that to tell you what actually drives me to create ... that emotional source.

There is no mystery in what those triggers are ... everyday things that everyone experiences. Some of the usual ones are:
  • song, music, lyrics
  • pictures or paintings that successfully capture something I long to capture
  • passionate, well written poetry
  • films that echo anything I feel
  • memories of something said, something felt, something seen
  • immediate experience
  • a look, expression or voice that triggers memories
  • a dream
  • passing places that mean a lot to me
  • seeing someone else in pain, overjoyed or alone.
... and on that note.

  • says please do yourself a favour and WATCH THIS! (Seriously a beautiful little movie ... every little kid who has never belonged will identify with it to the point of tears. Trust me, you will love it.)
  • has been listening to a lot of this.

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