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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just News

Well I got word yesterday that my paintings all arrived safely in Arusha, which is good. (Just a pitty that a hefty bribe had to be paid to have them "released" from the postoffice up there ... $375!!!). These paintings all now have to be re-stretched before being hung at "Exhibit!"  Good luck Kerry!

This weekend I am off to Clarens (just for one night to go to the opening of Frances Lozear's exhibition called “l’amour eternal pour venir” (the eternal love to come).  I will also be dropping off a few paintings to be hung there.  Hold thumbs that they sell!

Started a new secret portrait last night.

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Anonymous said...

exhibition sounds amazing, sure your pieces will be admired & appreciated by those who take the time to view them.

Carl said...

Oops! I think I created the impression that my paintings are going to be in the exhibtion. Sorry!!! They aren't ... they are going to be hung at the same gallery that the exhibition is at, that's all. But thanks SO much ... I still hope the same. :)