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Friday, March 19, 2010

Emotional Fuel

This has not been a good week for me emotionally, (way too much going on inside my head at this time of the year), and unfortunately to a degree that even my art productivity has suffered.  I am by nature a bit of an emotional seesaw in any event (good to know). Thing is I am pretty plugged in to everything and I allow that to affect me... and it does, hugely. It has it's downsides, but I guess that sensitivity also has advantages. My art and writing usually feeds off my "moons" quite significantly.  It fuels me. I should point out that both sides of the scale are productive for me, both depression and joy. I have heard of artists who require depression to paint; that is not so with me, I am exceptionally productive when happy, in fact probably more so. It's not often though that the ends of that scale floor me completely ... this week that has been so.
Bring on the weekends work to be done!

By the way ... as of today you may call me Ugly Betty. I'll tell you why next post ;)

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