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Friday, March 26, 2010

Call me Betty

You know, every now and then I feel like I am talking to myself with this blog and am wasting my time. Today is one of those days.  I say "feel" ... I know I'm not, and that there are people that read this thing for some unfathomable reason, and to you I am profoundly grateful (even you who doesn't give a fig about me, that little scruffy bloke at the back who stumbled in here while looking for a porn site; and the guy over there who just came in the hope that there would be free food). I realise that the content gets a little (lot?) self absorbed at times, and I should probably apologise for that and try and mend my ways, but then I think "stuff it! it's MY blog, in this instance it IS actually all about me" (I googled it to check and Google confirmed that it is indeed all about me!). Blogs are SUPPOSED to be personal ... without your opinions and feelings they are just a list of facts and stats. So call me selfish, but this post is going to be about me (again). "Was that the door slamming? I think we just lost the guy who came for the food."

I said last week I would tell you why I will answer to the name "Ugly Betty". If you haven't guessed it, I now am a metal mouth ... yup braces. It sucks. It hurts. It's humiliating. It's inconvenient. But, it seems I have no choice. Some retarded dentist in my youth mistakenly removed two teeth from my upper jaw  ... that has resulted in a whole crappy knock on effect thingy (technical orthodontic term that) which means if I don't have them now I will be in serious poo by the time I hit my late 40s ... so braces it is; and unless you have a fetish for railwaytracks my unatractiveness ratings are now at an all time high! My pride has taken a heavy beating in the last 2 years. This helps. God's plan for humility? Either way I look forward to the promised moviestar smile at the end of this rainbow.

If you are fearing there is no art connection in this post at all, fear not! 
WIP 2 of my newest EveryOne Counts "Daniel Lost at Rest"contribution.  Here it is (about 80% finished).
30cm x 30cm Oil.

This whole braces thing has got me thinking a LOT about perception, facades and outer image versus inner truth. Something I have always strived to do is to somehow display the inner goings on of a subject while at the same time keeping true to the outer perception, even with my wildlife paintings ... I'm not sure I'm achieving that, and it's bothering me.  Expect to see me experimenting a bit for a while.

(Photo: Me at present. You know ... I had NO idea what a mission these things are to eat with! Apologies to everyone who I ever met that had braces and I offered tricky food to!)

Listening to  ....nothing (somebody give me something to listen to!)

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