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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I will flesh this post out tomorrow I promise (tonight I am simply exhausted ... organising 2 days of conferences, 18 hour work days, and emotional car wreckedness have caught up with me! I don't even have the energy to try and be entertaining. Sorry.*imagine me saying something whitty in this space here*), ... but these are my current project challenges:
  • UK project still in progress
  • Supply 10 paintings for exciting new gallery in Tanzania called "Exhibit" owned by the sometime author (incredible writer!) and artist, dynamic Ms Kerry Radloff  (More about this exciting development when she is ready for the publicity). ... oh and figure out a way of cheaply and safely shipping the still 'wet' canvases up to her (oils take around 6 months to properly dry remember).
  • Supply another 5 canvases to Mercia's EssensualArt Gallery in Clarens.
  • Get ready for another shot at Art in the Park.
  • Start a new series of work which I am on fire to get going ... dying to start just need new stock of canvases!!!!
  • I'll also comment on the poll result and post a new one, save the whales and solve the world energy crisis tomorrow, right after predicting the future and inventing the worlds first AI robotic lettuce .... promise.
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Mercia Deale said...

Hi Carl!
Just popped in to say - DUDE! take a break ;-)
I would hate to contribute to your state of mind, but then again, sorry to say, you kissed the barbed wire yourself! I had nothing to do with that!
Anyway, 5 canvases? Wow! Seriously - towards middle to end March will be great.
Essensual Art Gallery

Carl said...

Don't panic Mercia ... it's only that new 1m x 1m canvas you asked if you could have and 2 pairs of small 20 x 20 canvases to replace the three that were sold (but more like that pair I did recently as requested). They will all be done soon soon. :)
And yes, I know it's all self inflicted ... but truth be told I wouldn't have it any other way. A day without painting is just one more day wasted. :)
Anyway ... NOW I have to drive up to Pretoria tomorrow at 4:30am to do a song and dance for the Kingdom of Lesotho head honchos. Man I hate having to wear a suit!