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Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Poll

It's been another mind bendingly tiring day filled with polite smiles, tiring dialogues, shiny shoes and even impromtu presentations.("Carl, ladies and gentleman, isn't expecting this .... but Carl, would you mind coming up and talking to us about bla, bla, bla?" I think well on my feet. :o)

Anyway ... babbling on ... proof of my exhaustion ... where was I? .... oh yes ...The POLL!
So basically a sum total of 8 votes (shocking people, shocking!) ... and of those 8 you pretty much ALL want me to paint more of EVERYTHING???! (Figures got 1 more vote than the others). Fine!  I'll do it ... with one provisor  ... If you want more portraits send me people that want to be painted. I aint gonna just suck those pics out of my head now am I? :)

For the next poll, help me name that last Zebra ... yes, the one with the wire that you helped me paint. That fun?  I thought so.

Leave me alone now, I'm going to bed ... I have to be up at 4am to drive to Pretoria.  *Sigh*

Carl is watching:
Invictus (and loved it! Literally tears streaming down cheeks!)

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