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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Of Art and Fly Fishing

Imperfect Storm
Oil on Canvas
20cm x 20cm x 4cm
(Anyone have a decent camera I can use?)
Yesterday I took the day off to take my dad flyfishing in the Drakensburg.  It had been literally half a decade since we last just "hung out" so we were both excited by the prospect of a day of fishing and talking nonsense. The sun was shining, a strong breeze blowing and the recent heavy rains had left the dirt roads muddy and slippery, the billowing grass brilliantly green and the rivers swollen. When we arrived at our destination the wind was blowing a gale and we discovered that flooding had left the water very murky, so fishing was not likely to be at it's best ... and it was then that it struck me that something in me has changed. It is no longer about the fish! The idea of spending all day fishing and not catching didn't bother me. Simply working on my casting style, enjoying the fresh air and mountains ... that was enough. 
I spent all day fishing and caught nothing.  The occaisional 'knock' kept me excited, but nothing was landed. And I had a lovely day. And while fishing and thinking about this something else dawned on me ... I feel the same way about now about fishing that I do about painting.  I don't paint with selling the piece in mind.  It's all about the self expression, enjoying the process, mastering the craft and experimenting with methodology that appeals to me. If it sells, that's wonderful; it enhances the experience and increases the enjoyment, but it isn't the purpose.

There is something very liberating in that attitude. To do for doing sake and not for the outcome.
If I wasn't a very committed Christian I might be wondering if I was becoming a buddhist. ;o)

And the most recent poll results?  The new Zebra painting will be called "So This is Freedom". One vote made the difference. Ever heard this song?

In upcoming posts ... more about the thinking processes I go through in my painting and my thoughts about Avant-garde and their "true art" theories.

Carl is:


Anonymous said...

"How long have I been in this storm?
So overwhelmed by the ocean's shapeless form.
Waters getting harder to tread
with these waves crashing over my head.
If I could just see you this
darkness would turn to light
and I would walk on water and you will catch me if I fall
and I would get lost into your eyes
and everything will be alright."
Kinda sets the mood for this painting

Anonymous said...

Can you send pictures to the States?

Carl said...

Wow! Lovely words. Suit the mood of the painting perfectly. Thank you.

Carl said...

Yes I can, and have sent paintings to the USA. If you are interested in buying and having me ship to you, please e-mail me.

Carl said...

Anon, I listened to your Lifehouse song. It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing.