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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Music is what feelings sound like ...

Have you ever listened to a song and felt like it was singing your story? Of course you have ... music is just a means of telling stories, and all our human stories are the same; repeated again and again with just the names and places changing ... to protect the innocent. ;o)
 120cm x 60cm x 2cm
Oil on Canvas
Title courtesy of:
Placebo - For What it's Worth
I have had two conversations in this last week which got me thinking more along that line. One was with a publisher (a website customer), the other with a writer friend (who also happens to be an artist). What interested me was the same comment was made by both of them ... completely unbidden and  resulting from completely different trains of conversation. To paraphrase them both "Writing comes from the same place that art comes from. The creative processes are the same, they fulfil the creator in the same way and are both crafted with similar aims in mind." I suspect that if I had a chat with a musician, he /she would say something similar. It's obvious isn't it. There is a connectedness in all these "crafts". They all spring from the same well. It's no coincidence that art movements track music movements, which imitate writing movements ,which influence art movements etc etc etc. They are all part of the same family. The Greeks felt it ... look at the 9 Muses ... I even found an oblique reference in the Bible to the Holy Spirit being the source of art (Exodus 31) ... and what was the Holy Spirit most famous for inspiring? Only the most important piece of literature ever ... the Gospel!
What I find interesting is the influence one craft has on the other ... how what I read influences what I paint ... how what I paint begs me to listen to certain types of music, and how that music inspires me to new work. Whether I'm painting or writing, it feeds that same craving, that same need within (I also feel a huge need to create music, but alas, I'm no musician.) It's no co-incidence that many of my paintings are 'borrowed' song titles ... they were pivotal in the crafting of that piece, in what it was doing for me and what it's saying. We all have our inspiration, my muse is hard to reach, and music helps me feel her out.
"Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness". ~Maya Angelou
PS: Interestingly, the writer / artist friend of mine ... she says that when she is writing, she cannot paint. And when she is painting, her writing dries up.  And me?  I've got a book to write.  ... and "Nemesis" by David Gray is doing my head in at the moment as I paint.


Anonymous said...

I didnt realise this one had been done in oils and when reading up on painting in oils I came across "pointillism" which is basically what you've achieved here... pretty impressive and I think this is your best zeb in oils so far... do I say that about all your paintings! :)

Carl said...

Well ... thank you Anonymous. :)
I hate to argue with someone who is clearly being so complimentary ... but my conscience would keep me up if I tacitly claimed something that wasn't true. As you know, pointillism is using small dabs of colour to create an image (much like pixels) ... in actual fact I achieved the effect on this painting using washes of very diluted oils. So technically, not pointillism at all. Sorry if I have disappointed you. :(
I graciously accept the compliment though. Thank you (bowing).