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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Living on the Edge

"Edge of Desire"
100cm x 110cm x 4cm
Oil on canvas

So this is obviously different from anything I have done in the past ... I know.
I'm interested to see what the reaction is.
It's quite big (as always I battle to get photos to do the painting justice).
A couple of things of significance. She's facing the wind, but her body is turned away from it toward the sky. The hilltop. Her eyes are covered. The title.

Have fun working it out.

Carl is:


Anonymous said...

she's deffinately crying. love the tones of yellow just amazing

Carl said...

:o) I think you are right.
... and thank you.

Carl said...

This painting has been reserved by Essensual Art in Clarens.

Anonymous said...

I saw this when I was in Clarens the other day. I like it a lot. Why don't you do more like this??