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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feeling spoiled?

You should be!  Two posts in two days ... proof that I have no life to speak of and that I really love talking to you dear reader.  :o)

"Wuthering Heights"
Oil on canvas
1.5m x .5m x 4cm
 In case you're interested ... this is the usual approach I take to painting (It obviously varies from painting to painting according to the subject and what I want to achieve):
  1. Prime canvas.
  2. Sketch the planned layout on paper.
  3. Copy the sketch to canvas.
  4. Rework the pencil lines with diluted acrylic.
  5. Add basic detail to the acrylic "sketch".
  6. Block in the sketch with acrylic base to get the tonal values at foundation.
  7. Prime the canvas for oils with medium mixture (a mix of mineral turpentine and linseed oil).
  8. Begin 1st shadow layering with oils and dry.
  9. 2nd shadow layering with oils and dry.
  10. 3rd shadow layering with oils and dry.
  11. Detail layers, highlights ... and dry.
  12. Spot glazing certain areas and dry.
  13. Gel glazing.
  14. Dry.
  15. Ship to client. :o)

Because of all the drying that takes place I usually end up working on multiple canvases at once (between 2 and 6).

I'll tell you more about my processes in the next post if you are interested?
Carl is:
  • Listening to this.
  • Going to run this because he is able to run again without pain (slowly)!
"Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one."  Stella Adler


    Tyron Bache said...

    What a brilliant and informative post, make me want to start painting!

    Anonymous said...

    i think this one is one of the best. the reflection on the hair is so realistic.

    Carl said...

    Thank you Ty! What's stopping you? ;o)