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Friday, January 22, 2010

How I'd love to show you Clarens ...

Man, I really need to get a decent camera!  The photo's that I post here are dismal ... there is no better way to describe them and I apologise.  The big issue I find with photographing the work is the reflective nature of oils.  As I am generally photographing in the middle of the night, I need to use a flash ... and unless one can bounce the flash one is doomed. Cheap digital cameras are just not up to the task. I will have to invest in an SLR again one of these days.  Anyway, enough about my photography woes. Suffice it to say that I'm sorry the quality is shocking!

This weekend I head to the Free State; the beautiful Golden Gate area, home of orange sandstone cliffs, big skies, black faced sheep and poplar trees. And in the middle of all of this is the tiny, sandstone art haven of a village called Clarens, home of what must be 30 art gallerys. From the first moment I visited Clarens I wanted to have some of my work hanging somewhere in the town ... that was a looong time ago!

Time passes and enter Mercia Deale.  I met Mercia in December when I popped into her then 1 week old gallery in Clarens, Essensual Art. It's a rather unique little gallery, focusing on celebrating the human form and selling original works including nudes and semi nudes, oils, acrylics and sculptures.  Now a gallery like this has the very real danger of drawing attention to the sensationalism of the subject and away from the art, being obscene or lacking class and seeming tacky rather than tasteful. Mercia has managed to create a stunning and classy little gallery with a niche focus - the human form. It's all about the art for her.
I have not done much figure painting (although the human form is one of the most rewarding subject matters to paint), but I asked Mercia, on impulse, if she would be interested in seeing my work; and now 3 weeks later I find myself heading up to Clarens  to drop off nine pieces for her gallery (she offered me her guest cottage for the weekend).  What a delightful lady! I really hope the pieces sell for her.  I have attached a few for you to see. 

From top to bottom, left to right:
Chiaroscuro 5 - The Beach (Oil  20x20cm)
Chiaroscuro 6 - River Bed (Oil  20x20cm)
Chiaroscuro 7 - Just Meat (Oil  60x45cm)
Chiaroscuro 9 (Work In Progress) - Following Hamlet (Oil  120x50cm)
Chiaroscuro 8 - The Gorge (Oil  20x20cm)

I'll post her site URL when she has built it ("it's coming soon Carl!"), but in the interim you can visit her FaceBook page at Essensual Art.

Obviously related ... I've been asked a few times what my thoughts are about the nude as a subject. Hang tight. I'll share those thoughts in a future post.


Mercia said...

Oh Carl, you have me in tears! I am humbled and greatful for your words - I seem to sometimes forget that not all people are as passionate about the beautiful human body with its curves and lines as I am!

And to all the others who read this - you have to watch this man! Buy one of his paintings while you can still afford it - he is destined to become great.

Mercia Deale
Essensual Art Gallery

Carl said...

Mercia, you are truly a gem! Passionate in your love for what you do ... and it shows so clearly.
Thank you so much for your faith in me ... I will certainly strive to be worthy of it.
I can't wait to get more work to you ... SO many ideas!
Kindest Regards

Mercia Deale said...

The website is up and running - please be patient if the images take a while to load - the site would be nothing without the images - it's an art gallery site after all! ;-)

You can find it here: http://www.essensual.co.za