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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Every One Counts

I was approached by a fellow artist, Lara Mellon some time back to ask whether I would be prepared to participate in a project she was about to undertake.
Lara is an avid supporter of Shepherd’s Keep, a home for abandoned babies, mostly new borns who have been ‘discarded’ down latrines and pits, forsaken in deserted fields and increasingly and shockingly … left in black bags on highways. The 2010 FIFA WorldCup is expected to have a dramatic impact on the numbers. Her feeling is that just one unwanted baby and just one abandoned was one too many, and that finding new born babies sometimes ant-eaten, starving and traumatized to the point that for the first couple of hours they are so stressed that they are unable even to feed … is one too many. The Every One Counts project was born ...
So she will be inviting ONE thousand artists from around the globe, each donating an artwork of 30cm x 30cm collaborating in ONE exhibition where each work will be sold for ONE thousand rand, no more, no less … where regardless of status and standing, the value of ONE life will be celebrated.

As either a member of the public, or an artist I encourage you to participate. Please go to http://www.everyonecounts.co.za or the FaceBook page EveryOneCounts

This was my contribution: "Just One Child" Oil on Canvas 30cm x 30cm.
Should you wish to purchase it (a mere R1000!), please contact Lara via the above addresses.

"The artist is the opposite of the politically minded individual, the opposite of the reformer, the opposite of the idealist.  The artist does not tinker with the universe, he recreates it out of his own experience and understanding of life."  ~Henry Miller

1 comment:

Carl said...

Lara tells me this painting has been bought!
Thank you whoever you are, I hope this painting gives you much joy! (how presumptious am I? ... I just ASSUME you will read my blog!). I have no doubt that the money you have invested will do much good. Thank you! :o)