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Monday, January 4, 2010


My brother came to stay for a few days. In the evenings when I usually paint alone I offered him his own canvas and a corner of my studio and walked him through painting two small 20 x 20 oil paintings of his own (which I REALLY should have photographed!).
Anyway, these are the two paintings I quickly produced in the background while he went to war with oil and brush.
It was a joy to see the pleasure he got from the process and the pride with which he displayed his work to his wife. There is something within us all that takes pleasure the creative process; that feels the need to create and to have that creation recognised. I wonder if this is part of our being made in God's image ... whether in some way our creativity is a faint echo of the ultimate Creator?

In any event, he's a quick study my brother. I'm sure that his paintings are far better than my first paintings were. Unfortunately for him, he, like me, is horribly impatient, as well as being a perfectionist. He finds the inability to produce an instant masterpiece terribly frustrating. I also learned that I'm not half bad as a art tutor. (I have probably taught him a number of bad habilts that would make a qualified art teacher shudder!)
(Top: "Baptism"; Bottom: "Division")

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